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Here at Laconada we do speak and write a poor English (as you can see). But we do manage to read and understand it in way or another. Here there are a bunch of links about food on Internet. They may interest you ...

Sriracha, where did that sauce came from?

If you have been in the last 10 or 20 years to USA, and you have been in a Chinese/Vietnamese/Thai ... or a Hipster Diner Joint you have probably noticed about that plastic bottle with a red sauce inside and the rooster painted on the side: where did that sauce came from? was it Chinese, Thai, or what?

There is an answer for that:

Tran started Huy Fong in a tiny office in L.A.’s Chinatown, grinding jalapeño peppers by hand. It took him only a few days to come up with his recipe—a blend of jalapeños, vinegar, sugar, salt, and, of course, garlic—and it hasn’t changed much since. He figured he’d sell it to fellow Asian immigrants. “I had no idea Americans would ever even eat spicy food,” says Tran, and he determined from the start to keep the price low. It’s about $4 per 28-ounce bottle. As he likes to say, “I make sauce good enough for the rich man that the poor man can still afford.”

Sriracha Hot Sauce Catches Fire, Yet 'There's Only One Rooster'

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