jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2016

Ostras Pedrin! (Oysters Peter!)

In the recent years in USA started a craze about Oyster Bars (places were you could have oysters and drinks). That trend did not mattered too much in Galicia, because we have a long tradition in enjoying oysters (Arcade or La Piedra, for example).  (Despite the fact, that most Galicians I know are not huge fans of eating oysters - neither do I, despite I enjoy a few, specially if there are drinks involved).

But that was an interesting phenomena for the USA, because (sorry for being so rough) people over there are not at all willing to eat raw food, and even less alive animals. But as here mentioned in this Podcast, they started with sushi and they dared to start with oysters.
The podcast is very informative, and great fun because Rowan Jacobsen (the oyster expert they interview) is a great talker.

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