viernes, 8 de abril de 2016

Nixta.... what?

A couple of interesting points to think about:
  • Natural stuff is very nutritive... but humans are not always able to absorb that stuff. In fact, cooking is a lot about to change the food make us able to enjoy that nutrients.
  • Chemicals sound strange about cooking (do ya remember glutamate fear?) but so what, they valid an interesting anyway.
In the old world (to my knowledge) we had cereals, and we just kep with grinding them and cooking them (baking, or boiling or whatever). But in the new world they just got into an interesting idea... softening the cereals and making something similar but different.

That has a quite cool (because it has an X) name: 

All Nixt Up | Lucky Peach:
“Grinding of grains in early agriculture, up until the Industrial Revolution, was extremely important in how labor is divided. If you have to spend hours grinding corn”—in your kitchen, every day—”it’s kind of a big deal.” Hence, the importance of making corn easier to process.

BTW, Lucky Peach is probably one of the few blogs about food that I (don't read often because I have not enough time) feel worth to read. Everything else is quite boring either too much food pornish, either too much about coolness, or either about sublime experimental cuisine. But that's another stuff, I  do not feel to write about. This time is just about corn and mixtamal. And about tortillas, and about dought that tastes and smells strange but you end loving it.

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